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A broad range of services

Thanks to ongoing systems research and development, we can offer unmatched strategic and market analysis, system design, asset management and operational support. We can be by your side for the full duration of your project, or you can call on us for advice in a more specific area of trnasmission & distribution. Either way, you will have access to the world-class support of a large, expert and independent engineering group.


Energy System Development & Economics

  • Strategic studies & tariffs
  • Energy master plans
  • Market design
  • Interconnection studies
  • Economic feasibility of investments

Power System Operation & Control

  • Load and generation connection studies
  • Defence plans and protection studies
  • Regulation & grid codes
  • System and equipment modelling and validation
  • Short-term planning and operation

Smart Power Systems

  • Smart grids design and roadmaps
  • Smart grids operation


  • Power system software
  • Power system simulators
  • Custom development


  • Power system training
  • Training of operators


  • R&D roadmaps
  • R&D projects