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Wednesday 14 April 2010

March 2010 - Study of a ten years Transmission System Development Master Plan for Ghana

pic23_E_gridco_logo.jpgIn March 2010, Tractebel Engineering began the design of a Master Plan for Ghana. Its completion is expected within 9 months. This study aims at defining the future investments over the planning horizon that meet the demand in a least cost approach while ensuring the system security and reliability. This plan will also help in defining new policies, procedures and tools for performing power system planning.

One key issue of the mission was the transfer of know how to the Engineers of GRIDCo. During the course of the study, a systematic training of the power system engineers of GRIDCo will be ensured so that they will be able to pursue the long term transmission planning activity with autonomy. The contract includes the delivery of the Power System Analysis Software used for the study confirming the high quality of this in house developed software.