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Monday 02 February 2009

January 2009 - The 8th meeting of the EUROSTAG User's Club

Eurostag_users_club_MEDIUM.pngThe 8th meeting of the EUROSTAG User's Club was hold in Brussels on January 9th, 2009 and hosted by ELIA, the TSO of Belgium. The 30 participants were welcomed by Mr. Wim Michiels.


Chaired by Prof. Alain Germond, from EPFL (Lausanne, Switzerland), this meeting was the opportunity to share different presentations from EUROSTAG’s users and to have an open discussion on the expectations of the members regarding the EUROSTAG 4.5 version.


The following scientific papers were presented during the meeting:

  • Damping Of Electromechanical Oscillations In Cost-effective And Eco-friendly Power Systems (Prof. Jovica V. Milanović, The University of Manchester, School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering - UK)
  • The Use of Special Tools for Emergency Control in the Russian Far East Power Grid (Alain Germond, EPFL - Switzerland)
  • Dynamic modeling and analysis at TRANSELECTRICA (Dr.Eng. Rodica Balaurescu, Transelectrica - Romania)
  • Stability study for long term development (F. Depierreux,Tractebel Engineering S.A. - Belgium)
  • Voltage stability and Under Voltage Load Shedding (W. Ivens, Tractebel Engineering S.A. - Belgium)
  • Modelling systems with high proportion of DER (J. Deuse, Tractebel Engineering S.A.- Belgium)
  • Presentation of EUROSTAG release 4.4 (V. Sermanson, RTE – France)
  • Proposal for new features in EUROSTAG 4.5 (C. Merckx, Tractebel Engineering S.A. – Belgium)
  • Pan European Grid Advanced Simulation and state Estimation (PEGASE) (K. Karoui, Tractebel Engineering S.A. – Belgium)