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Monday 05 July 2010

June 2010 - EUROSTAG 4.5 is born

pic23_C_LogoEurostag.jpgThe new version of EUROSTAG came in June 2010, adding new powerful features improving the business processes of network planners, network operators, consultants and researchers.


  • CIM compliance: EUROSTAG 4.5 supports CIM import and export, more specifically the ENTSO-E profile Revision 1. Tractebel Engineering and RTE are furthermore involved in the development of the future CIM standards.
  • New and improved models: several new wind models have been added to the standard library, covering the whole range of the user needs, from the most detailed model (DFIG with Chopper and Crow Bar modeling) to the universal wind farm model. A new combined cycle to the standard library has also been added.
  • User-friendliness: The optimization of the post-processing treatments joined to the addition of a progress bar allows combining productivity and user-friendliness. The full documentation (User’s manuals and tutorial) is now directly accessible in electronic form. A simplified installation procedure has also been adopted. EUROSTAG is now available on Linux.
  • Automation: The Post-processor and the Tabular Output can be run in a full automatic way.

- More robust induction motor identification;
- Coupled zoom on several charts in the curve drawing tool.


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