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Tuesday 19 October 2010

The 9th User's Club was hosted by Imperial College (London) on the 1st October 2010


After a short introduction by Tractebel Engineering and RTE, Professor Goran Strbac (Imperial College) presented the challenges of UK power system and his vision on the needs on power system modelling. 9 speakers gave then concrete examples of their use of EUROSTAG:


  • Estimation of efficiency of underfrequency load shedding using EUROSTAG Software (PhD Student E. Antonovs, Prof. A. Sauhats, Prof. V. Chuvychin, PhD V. Strelkov, Acos. Prof. I. Zicmane, Riga Technical University - Latvia)
  • Methodology to assess the risk of a blackout, EUROSTAG simulation examples (E. Florin, Tractebel Engineering Romania)
  • HDVC Voltage source Converters modeling with EUROSTAG (Olivier Despouys, RTE – France)
  • Modeling an electrolysis load with EUROSTAG (Karim Karoui, Tractebel Engineering S.A.  – Belgium)
  • Modal Analysis with Eurostag Data (Bogdan Marinescu,  RTE-DMA – France)
  • Limited integration using variable limits (Hervé Meljac,  EDF – France)
  • Assessment of transient stability on the French Power System (RTE – France)
  • Probabilistic risk assessment – moving beyond N-1 and how EUROSTAG can help. (Simon Tindemans, Enrique Ortega, Goran Strbac,  Imperial College – UK)
  • Protection and automation devices testing using the EUROSTAG modeling feature (Prof. A. Sauhats, Assoc. Prof. A. Utans, PhD Stud. J. Kucaevs, PhD Stud. E. Antonovs,  Riga Technical University - Latvia)
  • What's new in EUROSTAG v4.5? (Heyberger, RTE – France)
  • Proposal for new features in EUROSTAG 4.6 (Christian Merckx, Tractebel Engineering S.A. – Belgium)

Karim Karoui (Tractebel Engineering), coordinator of the PEGASE project, summarized the main findings of the projects which is developing new algorithms for very large scale system simulation. EUROSTAG, which is the reference tool of the project, will benefit from these research findings.

The new features of the release 4.5 of EUROSTAG were presented to the participants before an active discussion between the users on their expectations for the next release.


Documents can be downloaded in Support Area.