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Monday 05 November 2012

September 2012 - The R&D PEGASE consortium presented its final results to the European Commission

The European R&D PEGASE (Pan European Grid Advanced Simulation and State Estimation) consortium, led by Tractebel Engineering, presented its final results at the European Commission on the 5th of September.

The implementation of the Internal Electricity Market, the massive integration of Renewable Energy Sources and the development of Information & Communication Technologies require a more and more integrated operation of the European power system. The simulation tools that are available on the market are unable to mimic systems the size of the European power system. Yet it is a necessary condition for effective coordination and functioning.

Funded by the EC, the PEGASE research consortium has gathered together, over four years, network operators, universities and manufacturers to specify and develop a new generation of simulation tools integrating the most advanced algorithms. Project leader Tractebel Engineering co-developed four of the seven prototypes that have been technically validated for the entire European electricity system.
On September 5, the advanced algorithms, the tested prototypes and the further development of PEGASE have been presented to the European Commission for each of the four project themes (state estimation, optimization, dynamic simulation, and simulation of the operators’ training).
The tested prototypes will be integrated into the platform developed by the project ITESLA (Innovative Tools for Electrical System Security within Large Areas). The later was launched in January 2012 by the EC and also involves Tractebel Engineering.

Based on the research results of the PEGASE project a DTS simulation engine prototype has been developed and implemented in an existing DTS framework. It is the first real time dynamic simulation engine allowing the simulation with good accuracy of a European size power system.
The strong investment of Power System Consulting (PSC) in such R & D projects makes benefit its software products of major improvements: EUROSTAG®, IPSO and FAST (DTS) and confirms its position of centre of excellence in power system operation and analysis. The improved functionalities and new advanced techniques will be implemented progressively in the future releases of its simulation tools.

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