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Wednesday 24 September 2014

Project News - Intergration of renewable energy

Tractebel Engineering finished a 3-month project that dealt with the integration of renewable energy (solar PV and hydro) to the island of Tahiti. The study evaluated the technical feasibility of operating the Tahitian power system with increased renewable penetration rate. Measures and recommendations were provided to allow connecting a maximal amount of renewable energy to the network. The project performed will allow Tahiti to integrate more renewables to its network thus reducing its import dependency on fuel, which is vital for the island of Tahiti in terms of cost and security of supply given its geographical location. To perform the study, a wide range of modules from the Tractebel Engineering platform SMART FLOW were used. These included the static analysis tools, the dynamic identification tool STAG-O! and the dynamic simulation modules based on EUROSTAG. This challenging and innovative project highlights the wide array of capabilities included and incorporated to the SMARTFLOW platform over the years and that make it the optimal platform for power system analysis.