R&D projects

Coordination of PEGASE (6/2008 - 6/2012, 13.4 M€)

PEGASE (Pan European Advanced Simulation and State Estimation) is a four-year R&D project funded by the 7th Framework Program of the European Union. It is implemented by a consortium coordinated by Tractebel Engineering and composed of 21 partners which include Transmission System Operators (TSOs), expert companies and leading research centres in power system analysis and applied mathematics.

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Contribution to ICOEUR (1/2009 - 12/2011, 4.8 M€)

The ICOEUR (Intelligent Coordination of Operation and Emergency control of the EU and Russian power grids) consortium involves 23 leading experts with extensive knowledge of EU and Russian power systems, amongst which Tractebel Engineering, as well as manufacturers and network operators are working to develop and prototypically implement these new methods and tools.

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Technical direction of EUDEEP (1/2004 - 6/2009, 30 M€)

Involving 42 partners from 16 countries over 5.5 years, the EUDEEP project (the birth of a EUropean Distributed EnErgy Partnership) aimed at developing innovative business models to integrate Distributed Energy Resources (DER) into the electric system.

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Contribution to TRADEWIND (10/2006 - 9/2008, 1.75 M€) 

TRADEWIND was a European project funded under the EU's Intelligent Energy-Europe Programme. The project aimed at facilitating the dismantling of barriers to the large-scale integration of wind energy in European power systems, 

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