• pic2245_reliance.JPGCooRdination perspectives of the European transmission network research activities to optimise the reLIAbility of power supply, usiNg a systemiC approach, involving growing distributed generation and renewable energy markEts.


  • A group of 8 European Transmission System Operators (TSOs), one Power Producer, one Distribution System Operator (DSO) and several Research Centres, at the initiative and with the coordination of Tractebel Engineering gathered and shared a common understanding of the need to resume Research and Technology Development (RTD) on power system issues in Europe.


  • The Coordination Action, which was funded by the European Commission 6th Research and Technological Development Framework Programme, proposed a clear roadmap for RTD and an organization to implement it. A significant part of the recommendations of the project were taken into account in the Third Energy Package of the European Commission.




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