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Custom development

Software is the vehicle for our expertise


Sharing our expertise

Every power system is evolutionary by nature. To effectively manage system evolution, strategic study and well-applied solutions at a local or global level are essential to improve grid operation, reduce congestion risk and increase stability. Each customer and prospect has really specific needs.


Because we are a consulting office in constant contact with our customers and a developer of IT solutions, we are able to adapt our products to your specific needs, or to develop tailored solutions: development of a specific module, creation of a gateway to import or export data in a given format.


Customer's approach

Our services can start from the development of a prototype in order to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed approach to providing a tailored and finely-tuned application using the most effective algorithms.


Fitting perfectly with your needs

Our team has all the skills necessary to adapt the tools or develop new applications:


  • Experts in power system able to understand the issues you face write technical specifications and, if required, help to develop a model of the system.
  • Mathematicians able to implement a solution using the most appropriated numerical methods, through a wide knowledge of the last algorithms in the domain of linear algebra, nonlinear equation solving, algebraic-differential equations, nonlinear optimization, parallel processing, …
  • Computer scientists able to master the various techniques involved in the implementation of the solution and able to collaborate with IT professionals in charge of database design, communication protocol, graphical interface, …


All the software we sell have started from specific demands of customers. To give just two examples :

  • EUROSTAG® has been developed to answer to the lack of power system simulators on the market, giving the opportunity to represent phenomena that are composed of intermingled fast, mid and long term dynamics together a modeling flexibility requirements. It is typically the case of post mortem or contingency analysis where the analysis of the incident requires the efficient simulation of a large number of events most of the time unequally time-wise distributed that is perfectly suited to the automatically variable stepsize algorithm of EUROSTAG® . It is also the case of the tuning of a power plant fast valving controller and its coordination with a by-pass valve to secure the transient stability of a large power plant without triggering the boiler/turbine pressure protection settings. It permits also to model accurately and simulate complex structure of desalination or hydro power plants that requires the mathematical coupling through the steam bus or the water column the various generating units.
  • FAST has been developed to offer, in a given environment, a real time representation of a dynamic phenomena, what meet the demand of a TSO.


For Electric utilities, TSO’s, Generators, Distributors, Traders and Industrial customers requiring advanced study and decision-making ability in increasingly complex power systems, the effective Power System Dynamic Simulation of EUROSTAG® is more than an advantage, it is a must !

If you are interested to purchase the exact tool you need, don’t think twice. 


Through our in-depth knowledge and study of power systems, we can help you develop and master your network at every stage and level to ensure a positive outcome for all stakeholders, for a better price. We will define a transmission and distribution solution of value for you.