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Software maintenance

Help and support included

The power system software developed by Tractebel Engineering are used daily by international experts. As a user of our software, customers can count on the tailored support of a team composed of both the actual developers and key studies experts capable of understanding the most complex power system phenomena.



A warranty for all our products

All the Tractebel Engineering Power System’s software come with a warranty for a period of 6 months.

A continuous development of products

Tractebel Engineering launched the EUROSTAG® software in 1992 with RTE. Since then, 11 improved releases have been delivered.. By choosing to use Tractebel Engineering’s power system products, you will benefit from our continuous investment in the software development, driven by market requirements. Our experts are in permanent contact with customers through our consulting services and make use of the tools daily, so development of the software is an on-going process. The cost of the releases depends on your status (university or utility) and date of your purchase.


A maintenance contract for durable support 

By opting for a yearly maintenance contract, our customers have the opportunity

  • To extend the warranty period,
  • To automatically receive new software upgrades at no extra cost
  • To receive support from our experts for the installation and operation of all new software.


Support requests are accepted by telephone, fax and e-mail.