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Power system training

Guiding you towards best use

The electrical world is changing fast ! 

Network actors must keep in touch with power system future challenges.


Thanks to EGIDE, the dynamic teaching tool powered byEUROSTAG®, power system analysis theory becomes easier to understand through interactive exercises and clear animated graphics. EGIDE is ideal for illustrating power system theory.



pic43_D_02A15KND_MEDIUM.jpgTo meet your needs, we propose different formula

In order to make sure your engineers rapidly and efficiently receive and take full advantage of our software, customized software training can be organized at your premises or at Tractebel Engineering offices in Brussels.

From a standard training session based on understanding the general principles of the application to the advanced training for in-depth learning of the macrolanguage in order to allow you to customize your application as far as you want or need to in future.