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New powerful features of EUROSTAG®  Release 5.1

improving the business processes of network planners, network operators, consultants and researchers:


HVDC: EUROSTAG® modelling covers now the full spectrum of HVDC systems, from single links to complex multi-terminal installations :

  • The Load Flow computation module has been completely rewritten: the AC and DC systems are now solved simultaneously. The static equipment library, which already contained a Current Source Converter (CSC) model, has been enriched with a Voltage Source Converter (VSC) model.
  • An accurate and extremely flexible dynamic VSC model has been developed. A simplified model is also available for use when the HVDC system is not the main subject of the study.
  • Two new exercises have been added to the tutorial, covering the whole process of HVDC simulation from the Load-Flow configuration to the dynamic simulation.


New and improved static modelling: In addition to the HVDC modelling extension, we added the ZIP (Impedant, current, power) load and the SVC (Static Var Compensator) while supporting new regulation modes for generators (regulating the voltage of a remote node) and transformers (regulating the flow).


The EUROSTAG API: With this Application Programming Interface (API), the simulation can be controlled from an external program or script implemented in Matlab, Python, C++ or other software able to interact with C based external libraries. A scenario can be played, paused and restarted after having retrieved all the necessary information from the system and the behaviour of the dynamical simulation can be modified at every moment based on the control actions calculated in the external program.

CIM compliance: the release 5.1 of EUROSTAG® supports import and export of dynamic data in the CIM ENTSO-E profile Revision 2. Tractebel Engineering and RTE are furthermore involved in the development of future CIM standards.

Others enhancements: EUROSTAG® 5.1 comes with a lot of new functionalities and graphical capabilities:

  • The PSS/E import has been updated and is now supporting the last version (33).
  • A new block, the “Variable limits integrator”, has been added to the macro-language while the “Simple lag”, “Limited Simple lag”, “Lead lag” and “Limited lead lag” blocks are now accepting a zero time constant for wider compatibility with CIM
  • In case of failure of the simulation, the list of variables which contribute the most to the error is provided to the user to enable him to understand what happened and possibly adjust its model or simulation parameters to address them.
  • In the curve drawing tool, a “Measure tool” functionality has been added allowing a better curve analysis. The COMTRADE (Common format for Transient Data Exchange for power systems) format is now supported for export.


The software is delivered with a full documentation and a tutorial guide containing several exercises, allowing a self-teach approach to EUROSTAG®.

Moreover, support is provided through a systematic warranty and a maintenance contract from the software developers as well as from key experts.

Technical requirements

EUROSTAG®  is designed to run on Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista or 7) and Linux (Redhat) operating systems.


The minimum technical requirements are as follow:


  • Intel compatible processor (X86 compatible);
  • 1 GB RAM at least (2 GB recommended);
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Linux Red Hat Operating System (32-bits);
  • A network card is compulsory for the licensing mechanism;
  • At least 1024*768 for screen resolution


Versions history

Release 4.5

Several new wind models have been added to the standard library, covering the whole range of user needs, from the most detailed model (DFIG with Chopper and Crow Bar modelling) to the universal wind farm model. A new combined cycle model has also been added.
EUROSTAG® supports CIM import and export, more specifically the ENTSO-E profile Revision 1. The full documentation (User’s manuals and tutorial) is now directly accessible in electronic form.
EUROSTAG® is now available on Linux.


Release 4.4

The theme of this EUROSTAG® release is the user-defined modelling of protection schemes.

A new modeling framework has been developed and opens the door to the accurate and flexible representation of protection systems, especially system protection schemes and wide area protection and control systems. Fully coherent with the existing EUROSTAG® functionalities, this modeling framework offers to the user modularity, flexibility and simplicity.


Release 4.3

This release offers a lot of new models allowing facing the new challenges raised by power systems unbundling, renewable energies and new technologies.


Release 4.2

The release 4.2 is characterized by a comprehensive renewal of the graphic interfaces, a full integration in the Windows environment and also deep changes that place this tool once again at the top of the user friendliness.


Release 4.1

The version is improved with the installation of the one line diagram improving the user friendliness. Different new models are also introduced in the release, appreciated for its precision.


Release 3.2

Numerous macroblocks are added in this version. The release 3.2 offers an easy way to convert data from IEE as well as PSS/E format to EUROSTAG® format. This version contains a simplified and faster transformer tap model.


Release 3.1 (October 1997)

Release 3.1 proposes symmetrical and dissymmetrical modeling. Moreover, great attention has been paid to keep the high performance and the user-friendliness that are two main characteristics of the software.





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