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Advanced Post-Processing

Easy, intelligent and fast processing of the results


The Post-Processor makes both the interpretation of results and the editing of reports easier.

Zooming, curves comparison, superposition, change of scales… it simplifies the analysis and presentation of the results.


Any variable can be plotted without needing to declare it before the simulation. However, the sizes of the output files are not huge because state variables are the only variables to be stored. All other variables are re-calculated in Post-processor.







pic3125_B_Tabular_Output_LARGE.PNGEUROSTAG® also contains a dedicated module, the Tabular Output,  allowing the user to get a synthetic view of the results of a simulation and of the input data. It generates tables of all types of simulations results associated to a given instant, or a given time range. User-defined formulas can be used to generate more specific results.