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Flexible and Secure Modeling

Models library or users-defined models ?

EUROSTAG® offers a vast library of power system controller and device models and processes.These can be used directly or modified using a graphically advanced modeling tool that automatically generates the appropriate equations, reducing risk of human error. 



Flexible and simple

This Model Editor module enables the user to graphically and interactively create his own models, avoiding heavy coding and debug procedures to design user defined controllers, protection schemes,…

The modeling framework offers flexibility, security and simplicity.





Schematic view 

pic3123_B_One_Line_diagram_MEDIUM.pngA dedicated EUROSTAG® module is also devoted to a user-friendly edition of all the simulation data. This File Editor allows an easy access to the EUROSTAG® data files.

Finally, the Network Editor allows the user to draw a schematic view of the network and to access the physical data of the main equipments as well as run and visualize the results of a Load Flow Computation.