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Open Software


With EUROSTAG®, you preserve all the knowledge you have already established with previous tools.

Your data exists under another format and you have decided to migrate to EUROSTAG® ? No problem!

EUROSTAG® automatically transfers the steady-state and dynamic data available under PSS/E format and the steady-state data under IEEE format and CIM ENTSO-E format.


pic23_B_CIM_MEDIUM.jpgResults can also be exported to specialized programs (Matlab®, Microsoft® Office).


EUROSTAG® developers and experts take part in a working group defining the new CIM ENTSO-E format under the eagis of the CIM Users Group.



The CIM ENTSO-E format is dedicated to the exchange between the European TSOs and covers all needs of system development and operations such as operational to operational exchanges, operational to planning, short circuit data, planning and dynamics exchanges.