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Wide range of applications

From electromechanical oscillations up to daily load evolution 

EUROSTAG® covers the full range of transient, mid and long-term stability, from electromechanical oscillations up to daily load evolution.

Allowing you to understand in depth all of your critical system mechanisms, EUROSTAG® will help you to solve:


  • conventional problems such as calculation of critical clearing times, analysis of power oscillations, tuning of generating units controllers, or load shedding policies ;
  • highly complex power system problems such as the study of voltage collapse and black-out scenarios, set up of defense plans and restoration procedures, study of transfer capability, study of centralized voltage or frequency controls, impact and study of  power electronics : FACTS and HVDC on the network.


In every way, EUROSTAG® will dramatically increase your global power system expertise and problem solving speed.

It also provides an entry point for new opportunities such as on-line dynamic calculations in EMS, system modelling in an integrated environment for analysis, and use of other compatible applications.