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Application Program Interface (API)

The EUROSTAG® API includes all features of the classical EUROSTAG® computation engine. It allows the user (usually through a script or another compiled software) to control and interact finely with the integration process. The main features are the possibilities to pause the simulation at some given time (fixed in advance or depending of the simulation), to recover some values and to add new events.


Controlling the computation tools

Load Flow Computation and Dynamic Simulation functionalities are available through the interface. Initialisation, computation, pause and closing a simulation are the main available actions. The generated results are fully compatible with the post-processing tools.


Data and results retrieving

Most of the data can be retrieved through requests at the Eurostag data manager.
It means that a list of equipment, the main parameters of the equipment, and control parameters of the simulation can be queried after having initialised a system.
All the results available in the Post-processor and Tabular Output program can be requested at any time during the simulation. 


Entering events

Based on the obtained information, complex processing can be implemented, which can then lead to activating any event in the simulation.

Therefore, this new API opens the doors for new applications to better control and optimise your system.