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Dynamic Security Assessment


As the size and complexity of interconnected grids increases so does the probability of major blackouts due to voltage collapse, loss of synchronism, frequency collapse, etc. For these problems, static security analysis is not sufficient. A dynamic security analysis is required for planning and daily operation.


SYSCAN (SYStem Collapse Analysis) is a universal Dynamic Security Assessment tool.

  • Its objective is to automate the analysis of power system behaviour under disturbed conditions to permit an exhaustive approach of preventive and corrective security actions.This automation simplifies the user’s work and accelerates the analysis.
  • It identifies the weak, critical or vulnerable elements of the system. Moreover, it is the perfect tool to accurately calculate the security margins of the system facing various disturbances.
  • The software is based on a detailed modeling of the system studied and an intensive use of simulations. The simulations are performed with EUROSTAG®.
  • Results can be analyzed with the post-processing tools of EUROSTAG®