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Eigenvalues computation and System Linearization


Small signal stability is the study of the behaviour of the system subject to small fluctuations around an operating point. Such analysis is useful when analyzing network modifications like interconnection of new units that can seriously affect the existing damping rate of the system.The analysis of small fluctuations is performed by the linearization of the equations that describe the system.


The approach is based on the assumption that the non-linear system can be accurately approximated by a linear system for small fluctuations.


The eigenvalues computation, entry point of small signal stability analysis, is a function included in EUROSTAG® to check the stability of small and simple systems.


For large or more complex systems, a linearized system export function is available for further processing in standard linear systems analysis packages.

Need to go further in small signal analysis?

HERCULES, an EUROSTAG® Add-on developed by Tractebel Engineering S.A., is an advanced tool for small signal stability analysis. For more information about HERCULES, click here.