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Full Scope Dynamic Analysis

Fast and slow phenomena

EUROSTAG® allows the simultaneous analysis of fast and slow phenomena and thus enables simulations of scenarios lasting from a few seconds to several hours, making it ideal for studying conditions over time in which fast and slow dynamics interact.


User's automatons

With the help of EUROSTAG®, a wide range of incidents, topological modifications or process commands happening in a power system can be simulated. These events can be pre-defined before the simulation begins, generated automatically by the program itself through the tripping of an automaton (relay), or introduced interactively by the user during the simulation.


The list of events includes the following:


  • Closing and tripping of lines or transformers
  • Coupling and tripping of generators
  • Short-circuits definition
  • Active and reactive loads modification
  • Controllers setpoints modification
  • Fault clearance
  • Network resynchronization