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EUROSTAG®  allows  the representation of synchronous machines, asynchronous machines, injectors and converters:

  • pic3131_Generation_Medium.PNGThe Park model of synchronous machines, the step-up transformer can be included in the alternator model;
  • Induction machines modelled according to the full or simplified representation in which the dynamics of the rotor fluxes are calculated assuming the existence of a double rotor cage;
  • The current dynamic injectors enable modeling of a large number of components and system processes (SVCs, FACTS, HVDC links…);
  • Finally, converters are designed to model voltage source converters able to supply and to drive the frequency of an isolated network without synchronous machine or infinite node.



The user has access to a library of standard models of processes and control systems.

He can also create his own models, by using the modeling tool that generates the appropriate equations, reducing risk of coding error.


The library of machine macroblocks contains, among others:

  • IEEE hydro systems
  • IEEE excitation systems
  • IEEE steam systems
  • Combine cycle power plants
  • Wind generator components
  • Boiler


The user also has access to a library of standard protections and can also create his own protection schemes. For more information click here.