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Fast - Flexible Architecture

Different architectures to optimally meet your needs

Tractebel Engineering designed three standard implementations:

  • FAST Light Training Simulator (LTS), is a simple architecture, fully independent from the control systems and easy to implement, where we provide all the components.
  • In the Stand Alone FAST DTS solution, the simulation engine is connected to an existing Energy Management System (Scada/EMS) providing a full replica architecture: the trainee uses his everyday control tools.
  • In the Integrated FAST DTS solution, the simulator is embedded in an existing control system provided by an EMS vendor. The DTS shares the resources of the EMS platforms (centralised database, Graphical User Interface…). In addition to the benefits of the previous architecture, this greatly facilitates management of the training environment.


Besides these three standard architectures, customised solutions can be developed on demand.

For instance, FAST can be coupled to a power plant simulator in order to achieve the highest level of realism in joint transmission grid and power plant simulations.