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Stand Alone FAST DTS (Replica)


This architecture is similar to the FAST LTS architecture, except that it features replica of operator workstations instead of generic operator consoles.

This architecture includes the following main items:


  • The FAST real time simulation engine.
  • A telemetry model.
  • Replica of operator workstations.
  • An instructor console.
  • A file editor (to edit topology, dynamic model and scenario files).,
  • The post processor tool.




Extraction of the information from the real time database of the control system is possible, depending on the available functions:

In case of a simple SCADA, the points for the telemetry model.
In case of a full Energy Management System (EMS), the complete system static model.


This architecture is suitable for mid-size to large systems, with the advantage being that it provides trainees with an environment that includes their everyday control tools.