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On-Demand Architecture

The heart of FAST is its simulation engine 

The simulation engine can be taken into different architectures, according to the needs of the customer.

Criteria leading to a unique solution are:

  • The size of the system to be simulated?
  • The need to jointly simulate networks managed by different control centres (for instance a national control centre and various regional control centres)?
  • The intention to use the simulator as test bed for operational procedures or advanced control tools?
  • The desire to have a stand-alone and flexible simulator?
  • The existence of SCADA consoles to connect to the simulator?
  • The existence of a full Energy Management System (EMS) where FAST as a Dispatcher Training System (DTS) can be integrated?
  • The need to connect FAST and other simulators, like power plant simulators?
  • The total budget for training?







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