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Realistic Training Scenarios

All possible events can be combined within one scenario, allowing instructors to design the most complex training sessions they can imagine

Thanks to its refinement of modeling, FAST is able to achieve a very high level of simulation realism.

 FAST can be used, of course, for general training purpose, but it is also able to confront and present grid operators with realistic major incidents and challenging situations like:


  • Loss of a main power plant
  • Loss of cross-border lines
  • Cascade of line tripping following a snow storm
  • Management of ice deposit on overhead lines
  • System restoration from neighbouring countries
  • System restoration from black start units (gas turbine or diesel engine)
  • Black start of a nuclear unit using a pump storage unit as flexible load
  • Voltage management of systems with many underground cables or long overhead lines
  • System islanding and resynchronisation
  • Management of cross-border flows and loop flows
  •  ... and more






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