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A Complete Set of Functions for a Modular solution

Each Transmission System Operator has organisational and technical specificities: one unique dispatching centre versus hierarchical centres, necessity to develop a solution from scratch versus reusing existing material…


In order to adapt our solutions to our clients specificities, a modular solution based on different functions that can be combined to design a tailored offer has been developed:


  • A simulation engine, based on EUROSTAG® technology, providing a realistic representation of the static, long- and short-term dynamic responses of the power system.
  • The instructor tools, to control the course of the simulation, by triggering the training scenarios.
  • A telemetry model, enabling the communication between the various functions.
  • The operator consoles, used by the trainees to monitor the system state and take actions.
  • Post processing tool, used at the end of a training session to review in detail and explain the system dynamic behaviour during the scenarios.






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