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Operator Consoles

Operator consoles display the tools used by the operators to interact with the simulated system during a training session. The exact configuration of the operator consoles depends on the architecture of the simulator.

It can be:


Either a generic console providing the basic functionalities of a SCADA, i.e.:

  • Animated and continuously refreshed overview diagrams and substation one-line diagrams, featuring:
  • Multi-level de-cluttering capabilities.
  • Direct "mouse" control for the opening or closing of circuit breakers and change of control set-points.
  • Dynamic colouration of simulated equipment according to the system state and the violated limits.
  • Processing of alarm and event lists.


Or a replica of a real SCADA/EMS console.

pic_3314_grid_operator_LARGE.jpgIn both cases, operator consoles communicate with the simulation engine through the telemetry model.


Several consoles can be used simultaneously, monitoring actions of several operators at once, or simulating operation of more than one control centre.







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