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Post Processing Tool

The post-processor is the tool that really provides a deep insight into the system dynamics and helps give a theoretical understanding of the phenomena occurring during a training session.


Give the operators a closer look at the system dynamics

The post-processor tool allows the instructor to give the operators a closer look at the system dynamics. During a training session, the system is normally observed through the operator and instructor consoles and the telemetry model. Information is thus refreshed typically every few seconds, so that only slow dynamic responses are observed by human operators.


Help a theoretical understanding of the phenomena

Before the simulation, the operator can select observables to store for post-processing. Observables can be electrical values (like voltages or flows), or variables inside the dynamic model of the process (like the exhaust flow of a gas turbine). Selected observables are stored along the simulation, and at the end of the training session, they can be plotted onto curves. The maximum accuracy for storage is equal to the integration step size of the simulation engine, typically 10 ms.





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