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Simulation Engine

High Fidelity simulation

For a realistic representation of the static, long- and short-term dynamic responses of the power system

It reacts to changes in the simulated system in such a way that the operator in a training session observes similar system reactions to controls as if he was interacting with an actual power system.


The simulation engine is capable of simulating transient dynamics. It relies on a generalised electromechanical model that includes:

  • the transmission grid
  • the power plants
  • the load dynamics
  • the protective devices.


The simulation engine is based on an implicit, simultaneous integration algorithm derived from the EUROSTAG® technology. The integration stepsize is fixed and typically equal to 10 ms, i.e. a half period in a 50 Hz network.


The simulation engine is already able to cope with systems of 2000 electrical buses and 200 generating units.


The European PEGASE R&D project develops new algorithms and parallel architectures to further increase the dimensions of the modelled system, and achieve systems as huge as the whole European grid combined.




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