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Generating Units


Response of generating units in both the internal and external areas is of vital importance in system dynamics.


Therefore, they must be accurately modelled. Each generating unit in the model comes with three components:

  1. The prime mover component (including speed regulation).
  2. The voltage regulation component (including power system stabiliser).
  3. The alternator component.

Unit dynamics is represented by a set of algebraic and differential equations. The prime mover and voltage regulation equations are strongly coupled by the alternator to the network equipment dynamics. The set of equations also includes a special differential equation representing the mechanical speed of each generating unit.

All the generating units and transmission grid equations are solved together by the simulation engine to provide a consistent system solution.


  • The following models are available as standard:
  • Thermal unit
  • Nuclear unit
  • Gas turbine
  • Diesel engine
  • Hydro and pump storage unit
  • Combined cycles
  • Equivalent unit for external areas.


Customised models can be developed in the context of a project, for example a power plant with desalination units model.





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