A pedagogical tool used to teach the electrical concepts of power systems

pic342_EGIDE_ex_mach_sc_MEDIUM.PNGIt proposes several exercises covering electrical topics from the basics (lines, transformers, load flow…) to the latest technologies and modern challenges (wind turbines, distribution systems, industrial networks…).


EGIDE can be used for teaching and/or self-learning. A training book guides the user through the exercises, asking him the important questions and leading him to visualize the answers. At the end, the user assesses the impact of significant parameters on the system behaviour.


A very friendly interface

The interface is very user-friendly. It is totally mouse-driven and interactive, and an interface is dedicated to each exercise. During the simulation, graphs are plotted automatically and animations help the understanding.


Powered by EUROSTAG 

Powered by EUROSTAG®, EGIDE benefits from its advanced calculation capabilities. On the other hand, modelling is fixed and EUROSTAG® is consequently kept invisible. Thanks to this, EGIDE is available without acquiring EUROSTAG®.





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