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SCANNER - Probabilistic Tool

For technical economic power system analysis

pic341_power_system_MEDIUM.PNGThe purpose of SCANNER is to analyse a composite generation-transmission power system with regards to reliability assessment performance valuation and operating cost estimation.


SCANNER supplies the planning engineer with information needed to evaluate and compare either system development alternatives or operating policies alternatives.


The power system evaluation is based on power system states generated by the Monte-Carlo probabilistic method.


The system states are randomly sampled and are characterized by the availability or the non-availability of every system component at a given hour of the study period.


The power system is simulated for each system state. This simulation involves several steps, including an economic dispatch of the generating units, a Loadflow,  a rescheduling process and a load shedding process.


The results of the Monte-Carlo simulations are synthesized and global as well as local reliability indices are then calculated: loss of load probability LOLP, Expected energy not served, Electricity price,…


SCANNER has been used and improved over 20 years by Tractebel Engineering S.A. experts for international studies.




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