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Daily-use applications

Benefitting from a more than 10 year-strong collaboration between Tractebel Engineering S.A. and Elia, the Belgian Transmission System Operator, SMART FLOW has been constantly improved to meet user requirements.


More than 12 releases have kept it as close as possible to our clients needs.  


Case study : Intensive use at Elia (Belgian TSO)

Within the planning team, SMART FLOW  is mainly used to analyze network extensions, to elaborate Master Plans and to schedule annual maintenance of the equipment. The starting point of all these planning studies is usually tuned via an Optimal Power Flow computation.


Elia, a member of the exchange program of Central Western Europe area, provides on a daily basis, up to 48 files to CORESO, the regional coordination service center. Tractebel Engineering developed for Elia a wizard to generate these files, automating a sequence of several calculation modules. The files, built by the operational team,  represent the forecast network state for the next two days. Once merged with those of all partners a realistic operating point is obtained.


Strong references

Oman - Voltage and Reactive Power in Oman (2009-2010)
Dubai - Blackout analysis at Dubal Plant (2009) 
Saudi Arabia - Review of the Master Plan of KSA (2011-2014-2017-2020) and benchmark the planning methodologies and criteria of SEC (2010)