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Full Scope applications


SMART FLOW  offers the full range of static and dynamic functions, needed for advanced power system analysis and suited to each specific user: 

Transmission System Operators

Possibly linked with Energy Management systems, the PSA platform can be used by Transmission System Operators,

  • For long term planning of their transmission network: Master plans, Interconnection studies, Grid impact analysis, Operational planning
  • For short-medium term studies: Voltage profile optimization, Incident analysis and defense plans, Load behaviour modelling, Day-ahead congestion forecasts…


Generation and Industrial companies

  • Grid impact analysis
  • Grid code compliance analysis
  • Short-circuit analysis
  • Detailed dynamical studies of generation plants


Consulting Companies and Research Centres

Just as Tractebel Engineering uses this platform for all its power system studies, any consulting company or research center can benefit from the accuracy and flexibility of the platform to model any complex phenomena.