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Integrated Platform


Unified model and graphical interface

ScreenShot026_LARGE.jpgSMART FLOW  is composed of several packages integrated through a common data model and a unified graphical interface.


Files generated by the Load-Flow, the Optimal Power Flow or the Network Reduction tools can be used as input for other computation tools : Static security analysis, dynamic simulation,etc.

An integration which facilitates the creation and comparison of cases

Thanks to this integration, several useful features are available.
For example, to help study and compare different network configurations, incremental files (defining changes in the topology and in the parameters of the network) can be defined. They can be used to add, remove, or modify equipments.


The modules available to handle several variants of a base case are particularly useful when the user has to compare various network topologies and the technical impact of one or several different investments on a short or long term horizon. Detailed comparison of two network can be done, taking into account a filter to focus on specific equipment type or characteristics (dissymmetrical data, short-circuit data, ). Configuration of the filter is rapid and easy.