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User-Friendly Interfaces

An easy-to-use Graphical User Interface to perform static and dynamic calculations

A user-friendly Graphical User Interface is used to launch each calculation module and to create and modify network models.

All these functions are available in single easy-to access environment. 



A flexible and convenient file editor

The input data for all the modules are defined as readable text files that can be created or modified with our user-friendly editor or with your favorite text editor.


An advanced Network Editor to draw your network and visualize the results

The Network Editor included in SMART FLOW  is a one-line diagram editor that allows the user to draw one or several graphical schematic views of his network.
Results of the Load-Flow computation, Static Security analysis, Static Short-circuit computation, Optimal Power Flow and dynamic simulation can be displayed on the schematic view of the network. This advanced tool dramatically increases the productivity of the analysis.


A batch tool to automate the computations

When systematic calculations using several modules of SMART FLOW are required,  it’s easy to define a calculation sequence via the Batch Tool.

Calculations can be launched in a batch mode and automatically performed without user interaction.
Coherency and liability of the sequence is checked.