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The IdeaL tool for modeling and analyzing power systems


For your various simulation needs, SMART FLOW allows the user to accurately and rigorously model all the devices installed in your power system.

The broad library of EUROSTAG® models covering the dynamical behavior is completed with a broad range of static models.

Beside the classical static models, SMART FLOW  includes the following:


Seasonal models

The capability of the branches can be modelled on a seasonal basis. The correct model is applied and taken into account depending on the period of the year studied. This capability is useful when performing different load flow studies and security analysis.


Load modeling

To take into account the existence of a lower voltage network (usually not modelled for transmission network studies) it is possible to model the transfer of a load in case of contingency during security analysis. In addition it is also possible and easy to adapt the total load of a country, an area or a set of busbars  to obtain a peak situation from an off-peak and vice-versa.


Full three-phase modeling of the network

SMART FLOW, both for static and dynamic calculation, a dissymmetrical modeling of all components: transformers, lines, loads… 

This modeling feature can be used to perform detailed short-circuit analysis and dynamic simulations including dissymmetrical disturbances or conditions.


Explicit modelling of Circuit Breakers and Isolators

SMART FLOW allows the explicit modeling of circuit breakers and switches to correctly represent the substation topologies.