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Release 1.3.4 of SMART FLOW  includes :

  • EUROSTAG® 4.5 with powerful new features like CIM compliance and improved models.
  • IPSO 1.6: strong improvement of the optimization algorithm gives a faster convergence to more accurate solutions.
  • Static short-circuit computation synthetic results can be displayed on the Network Editor for graphical analysis.


SMART FLOW  is delivered with full electronic documentation. To allow a self-teach approach of EUROSTAG®, a tutorial guide containing several exercises is included. Moreover, support is provided through a systematic warranty and through a maintenance contract from the software developers as well as from key experts.

Technical requirements

SMART FLOW is designed to run on Microsoft Windows (XP or Vista) operating systems.


The minimum technical requirements are as follows:

  • Intel compatible processor (X86 compatible)
  • 1 GB RAM at least (2 GB recommended)
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or Linux Red Hat Operating System (32-bits)
  • A network card is compulsory for the licensing mechanism
  • At least a 1024*768 screen resolution

Versions history

Release 1.3.3

Allowing better analysis of network behaviour, new features have been developed in the Network Editor and the Static Security Analysis and the Static Reduction modules. Display of Optimal Power Flow relevant results on the Network Editor is now also available.


Release 1.3.2

This new version includes IPSO 1.5  with improved memory use allowing the treatment of bigger Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow problems. An automatic post-processor eases the interpretation of results and the identification of the limiting constraints (those which do not allow to reduce/decrease the objective function).

Amongst other improvements, the display of results on several synchronized graphical schemes of the Network Editor module is offered. 


Release 1.3.1

Including EUROSTAG® 4.4, this release offers several improvements in utility modules increasing both data validation and user friendliness.


Release 1.3.

Main feature of this release is the development of IPSO 1.4, which uses a new and improved version of the optimization algorithm.


Release 1.2.6.

SYSCAN, an universal DSA (Dynamic Security Assessment) tool is added to SMART FLOW.





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