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Smart flow for static and dynamic simulation

Complex problems need smart solutions


The design and operation of the power system requires more and more in-depth analysis to maintain its security closer to the limits.


The SMART FLOW software is a complete power system calculation tool permitting smart flow determination and control. It benefits from the renowned dynamic functions of EUROSTAG® and embeds a large set of static functions, from basic load flow computation to very advanced Optimal Power Flow.


SMART FLOW  is an integrated platform that offers in one single environment a wide range of applications for Transmissions System Operators, Generators, Industrial companies, Consulting or Research organisations.

This user-friendy and open software presents unique features, driven by 10 years of continuous development in close relationship with power system experts and operators.


SMART FLOW  uses the EUROSTAG® library of power system dynamic models  and a large number of static models.


SMART FLOW release 1.3.4 is available in English.




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