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Smart power flow determination and optimisation


pic322_smart_flow_features_MEDIUM.jpgA platform designed to analyze power systems must provide reliable and easy to use static functions for common applications but also for more advanced studies.


Useful tools allowing data management (data edition, visualization of results on advanced one-line diagram, conversion in international formats, …) and Batch Tool, a powerful macro recorder allowing to define a calculation sequence, are included in SMART FLOW.

Incremental files, defining changes in the topology and in the parameters of the network, are supported by all the static modules.


The SMART FLOW  baseline includes the following static modules, first step for any power system study:


To meet more specific needs, as well for planning than for operational studies, Tractebel Engineering S.A. has developed three advanced Add-ons :

  • Optimal power flow: Thanks to a state of the art top-rated algorithm, our OPF allows the user to find an optimum according to various predefined objectives functions but also to tailor the objective function and the set of constraints to his own discretion. This innovation points to a broad range of new applications.
  • Static short-circuit computation: Evaluation of short-circuit power for symmetrical or unsymmetrical faults allowing an automatic definition and analysis of short-circuit power for each node or group of nodes and meeting the IEC 60909 standard requirements.
  • Static Network Reduction: Building of an equivalent network to decrease network size thanks to an advanced reduction method





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