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Optimum Power Flow

IPSO (Integrated Power Systems Optimizer), a SMART FLOW Add-on 

Improving the profitability of investments while ensuring reliable operating conditions requires a tool able to examine alternatives and rationalize the use of facilities in an efficient and accurate way.


IPSO optimizes power system performances by calculating the most appropriate operational point according to user-defined objectives.

Besides giving optimal operating points, IPSO also diagnoses parts of the system where no further improvement can be achieved without violating the safety conditions.


Various predefined objectives functions and a wide variety of common operational constraints are offered to ease the definition of usual optimum power flow problems. Moreover, a generic formulation allows the user to define its his own objective by setting up all parameters to at his discretion. The graphical interface assists in quickly defining even complex power systems optimization problems.


Using its Security Constrained Optimum Power Flow features, IPSO can find the optimal operating point respecting operational conditions for both normal and post-contingency situations.