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Static Network Reduction



When dealing with large power networks, it can be convenient to replace some non-relevant parts by a simplified network. As a pure delete of nodes and branches is not acceptable from an electrical point-of-view, specific software is used to build an equivalent network, with fewer nodes and branches, but the same electrical behaviour. Common application is the aggregation of several low voltage levels or aggregation of foreign countries into an equivalent network.     
The static network reduction tool included in SMART FLOW offers an advanced reduction method known as the REI-DIMO (Radial Equivalent Independent) method.
Groups of specified nodes are deleted while equivalent branches and injections are automatically created.

The main advantage of a REI-DIMO equivalent is the preservation of voltage profile and losses, while other elimination methods don’t keep losses.

Results files are generated in both ascii and binary format, fully compatible with other SMART FLOW modules.

An incremental file defining differences between the initial network  and the reduced one is also available.