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Static security analysis

Validation of network safety  

N-1 security assessment is a basic validation of network safety. This module allows a quick and easy check of the static security of a state, before any advanced dynamic analysis.  
Trigger of each type of equipment can be specified while several mechanisms are available to fit at best the behaviour of the network:

  • static propagation of the outage through switches,
  • automatic switches of protection devices, etc. 


An easy way to simulate and analyze the loss of all equipment in a region is to use the generic outage definition; generating the loss of each equipment of the region one by one. N-1 or N-2 outages can also be specified via the Network Editor.


The post-contingency state can be visualized on the Network Editor. A pre-defined colorization criterion shows voltage problems and overloaded branches. User-defined criterions are easy to implement.


Voltage problems, branches overloads and detailed results (voltage at each node, flows on branches)  are generated for each outage. 


This tool is available for both AC and DC calculations.