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Automatic Tuning of Out-of-Step Relays



Energycon 2016


S. Cole

F. Promel

P. Josz

Ch. Merckx

K. Karoui

L. Rese

 ieee_logo_SMALL.jpg  2012  


Accelerated and Localized Newton Schemes for Faster Dynamic Simulation of Large Power Systems



IEEE Trans. Power Systems


T. Van Cutsem



PEGASE Pan-European Test-beds for testing of Algorithms on Very Large Scale Power Systems



ISGT 2012 - Berlin IEEE PES Innovative Smart Grid Technologies



F. Villella

S. Leclerc

I. Erlich

S. Rapoport



A Multirate Approach for Time Domain Simulation of very large Power Systems






B. Haut

V. Savcenco

P. Panciatici

 ieee_logo_SMALL.jpg  2012  


HPC for power systems in the framework of the PEGASE project



IEEE PES 2012 GM, San Diego, USA, July 2012



F-X. Bouchez

B. Haut

L. Platbrood

K. Karoui

 ieee_logo_SMALL.jpg  2012  HVDC


Generalized Steady-State VSC MTDC Model for Sequential AC/DC Power Flow Algorithms



IEEE Trans. Power Systems, Vol.27, No. 2, 2012, pp. 821-829



J. Beerten

S. Cole

R. Belmans



Accelerated waveform relaxation methods for power systems



Proceedings of the 2011 International Conference on Electrical and Control Engineering (ICECE 2011), Yichang, China, pp 2877-2880



F. Pruvost

P. Laurent

F. Magoulès

B. Haut

pscc_logo_SMALL.gif  2011  


Numerical Accelerations for Power Systems Transient Stability Simulations



Proc. PSCC 2011, Stockholm, August 22-26



F. Pruvost

T. Cadeau

P. Laurent

F. Magoulès

F.-X. Bouchez

B. Haut



Multirate integration of a European power system network model



ICNAAM 2010, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1281, pp.2037-2040, 2010



V. Savcenco

B. Haut



Domain simulation of power systems with different time scales



SCEE 2010 Proceedings



V. Savcenco

B. Haut

E. Jan W. ter Maten

R. M.M. Mattheij



Development of a detailed dynamic load model and implementation staged testing of DEWA network



GCC Power 2010 Qatar



K. Karoui

F. Depierreux

A. Szekut

F. Villella

Y.A. Jebril

A.I. Ibrahim

S.A. Shaban

S.A. l Dessi

imagesCAXMWYUX_1.jpg   2010  


Multirate integration of a European power system network model, ICNAAM 2010



AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1281, pp. 2037-2040



V. Savcenco,

B. Haut.

 ieee_logo_SMALL.jpg  2008  IPSO


New Large-scale Security Constrained Optimal Power Flow Program Using a New Interior Point Algorithm


EEM Lisbon, May 2008



K. Karoui,


H. Crisciu(Tractebel Engineering)-

R.A. Waltz (Ziena Optimization Inc.)

 Tractebel_engineering_SMALL.png  2003  EUROSTAG


Double fed induction machine : a EUROSTAG model



P. Van Meirhaeghe

 logo_uclm.gif  1999 FAST

An Advanced Simulation Engine for Operator Training Simulator


Paper presented at the Power Delivery Europe Conference, Madrid, Sept.1999


JP. Antoine,

A. Bihain,

M. Stubbe (Tractebel Engineering)-

S. Gissinger, P. Chaumès (Corys Tess)



EUROSTAG, Outil pour la Maîtrise de la Sécurité des Systèmes Electriques Industriels


SRBE, Revue E, n° 3-4/98

M. Stubbe



Het EUROSTAG Simulatiepakket Aangewend voor de Analyse van het Gedrag van een groot Industrieel geheel tijdens en na een elektrische storing


KBVE, E Tijdschrift, n° 3-4/98

M. Stubbe

 logo_Technique_de_Ingenieur_SMALL.jpg  1998  EUROSTAG


Outils de Simulation Dynamique des Réseaux Electriques



Techniques de l’Ingénieur, Traité « Génie Electrique », Cahier D4 120

M. Stubbe

B. Meyer


 logo_Power_Con_SMALL.jpg  1998  EUROSTAG


Powerful Tools for Various Types of Dynamic Studies of Power Systems


POWERCON 98, International Conference on Power System Technology, Beijing, China

A. Bihain(Tractebel Engineering)-

C. Evrard(EDF)

 iee_logo_SMALL.gif  1997  EUROSTAG

A Powerful Tool for Dynamic Simulation of Unbalanced Phenomena


Paper presented at the APSCOM 97, fourth International Conference on « Advances in Power System Control, Operation and Management », IEE Hong Kong


 A. Bihain, K. Karoui, JP. Antoine(Tractebel Engineering)-O. Fillâtre, C. Evrard, D. Paschini(EDF)
   1997  EUROSTAG


Improved Power System Security and Economy : the Contribution of Dynamic Simulation


EGU International Colloquium on « Selected Problems of Power System Control », Praha, November 1007 JP. Antoine and M. Stubbe
 pic23_I_CEPSI_SMALL.jpg  1996  EUROSTAG


Advanced Simulation for a Better Power System Security


CEPSI, Paper presented at the 11th CEPSI Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 1996  M. Stubbe


TCSC Modelled with the Power System Simulation Software EUROSTAG


SRBE, Revue E, Vol. 111, n° 3-4/95, pp. 49-54  J. Deuse, K. Karoui(Tractebel Engineering)- A. Petersson and B. Thorvaldsson(ABB Power Systems AB)
 pic23_F_CIGRE_SMALL.jpg  1995  EUROSTAG


Long Term Dynamics, Phase II, Final Report


CIGRE, TF 38-02-08 Ref.102-GA/TF38.02.08© Cigré M. Stubbe
 pic23_F_CIGRE_SMALL.jpg  1995  EUROSTAG


Long Term Dynamics, Part II, A Practical Assessment of Simulation Tools


CIGRE, TF 38-02-08, Summary Report-June 1995 M. Stubbe
 pic23_F_CIGRE_SMALL.jpg  1995  EUROSTAG Modelling of FACTS for Power System Analysis


Paper Presented at the CIGRE Symposium, Tokyo 1995

 Ref.320-04© Cigré


J. Deuse, M. Stubbe(Tractebel Engineering)- B. Meyer and P. Panciatici(EDF)
 ieee_logo_SMALL.jpg  1995  EUROSTAG

High Fidelity Simulation Power System Dynamics


Computer Applications in Power (CAP), IEEE

ISSN 0895-0156/95©IEEE



JF. Vernotte, P. Panciatici, B. Meyer(EDF)- JP. Antoine, J. Deuse and M. Stubbe(Tractebel Engineering)


   1995  EUROSTAG


Tools for Simulating Long Term Dynamic



ELECTRA n°163, December 1995, pp. 150-166

TF38-02-08 of Study Committee 38


M. Stubbe
 Tractebel_engineering_SMALL.png  1994  EUROSTAG Des Simulations Performantes


TRACTEBEL, Extrait de la Revue Tractebel Link, n°6, Avril 1994, pp. 7-10


M. Stubbe
 ieee_logo_SMALL.jpg  1994  EUROSTAG


A New Method for Fast Calculation of Jacobian Matrices : Automatic Differentiation for Power System Simulation


IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 9, n°2, May 1994

Ref.0885-8950/94 ©1993 IEEE

M. Jerosolimski  L. Levacher(EDF)


Modelling of FACTS device : Interphase Power Controller


SRBE-SEE Joint Meeting on FACTS, Brussels, November 1994  J. Deuse
 Tractebel_engineering_SMALL.png  1994  EUROSTAG

High Performance Simulations



TRACTEBEL, Extrait de la Revue Tractebel Link, n°6, April 1994,pp. 7-10


M. Stubbe
 LogoEDF3_SMALL.png  1993  EUROSTAG


Presentation of the Automatic Differentiation Method, and of its Application to the EUROSTAG Software


EDF, from « la Collection des Notes Internes de la Direction des Etudes et Recherches, Matériel Electrique, EDF »

 Ref. ISSN 1161-0581

M. Jerosolimski L. Levacher(EDF)
 LogoEDF3_SMALL.png  1993  EUROSTAG


Présentation de la Méthode de Différentiation Automatique et de son Utilisation dans le Code EUROSTAG


EDF, from « la Collection des Notes Internes de la Direction des Etudes et Recherches, Matériel Electrique, EDF »

Ref. ISSN 1161-0581

M. Jerosolimski  L. Levacher(EDF)
 ieee_logo_SMALL.jpg  1993  EUROSTAG


The Mixed Adams-BDF Variable Step Size Algorithm to Simulate Transient and Long Term Phenomena in Power Systems


IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol.9,N 2, May 1994


Ref. 0885-8950/94 ©1993 IEEE

J.Y. Astic, M. Jerosolimski(EDF)- A. Bihain(Tractebel Engineering)

 pic23_F_CIGRE_SMALL.jpg  1992  EUROSTAG


Requirements and Performance of Packet Switching Networks with Special Reference of Telecontrol


CIGRE, Working Group 38.02-08, ELECTRA n°145, December 1992,pp. 103-115

 Ref. ©Cigré


 M. Stubbe
 iee_logo_SMALL.gif  1992  EUROSTAG


Software for the Simulation of Power System Dynamics. Its Application to the Study of a Voltage Collapse Scenario


IEE Colloquium on « Interactive Graphic Power System Analysis Programs », London, 20 March 1992 M. Stubbe and JP. Antoine
   1992  EUROSTAG


A Single Tool for Power System Simulation


Transmission and Distribution International, March 1992, pp.47-52

B. Meyer(EDF)

M. Stubbe(Tractebel Engineering)

 pic23_F_CIGRE_SMALL.jpg  1992  EUROSTAG


Enquête Internationale sur la Situation Actuelle et les Perspectives en matière de Dynamique à Long Terme des Réseaux d’Energie


CIGRE, Working Group 38.02-08, ELECTRA n°145, Décembre 1992, pp. 102-115

 Ref. ©Cigré



Modélisation de SVC dans EUROSTAG – SRBE, Journée d’étude


SRBE, Journée d’étude, 22 mars 1990

M. Stubbe

JP. Antoine.



De Dynamische Regimes van de Elektrische Netten


KBVE, E Tijdschrift,, n°189, November 1989 M. Stubbe


Les Régimes Dynamiques des Réseaux Electriques


SRBE, Revue E N°189, Novembre 1989 M. Stubbe
 ieee_logo_SMALL.jpg  1989 EUROSTAG


STAG - A New Unified Software Program for the Study of the Dynamic Behaviour of Electrical Power Systems


IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, Vol. 4, n°1, February 1989, pp. 129-138

M. Stubbe

A. Bihain

J. Deuse

J.C. Baader



Study of a 1000 Mw Turbine Control by means of a New Short-and Long-Term Stability Program (STAG)


IFAC SYMPOSIUM Power Systems Modelling and Control Applications, pp. 349-356, Brussels 1988 Ref. IFAC

M. Stubbe(Tractebel Engineering)

F. Van De Meulebroeke(Laborelec)

J. Debelle(EBES)